Important events:


Kick off meeting

General Assembly 2

General Assembly 3

Christmas Lecture 2018


Network short course 1 (Spring School 2019)

Paris Airshow 2019

ICA 2019

12th HSTAM 2019

Network short course 2 (Multiscale Methods)

Christmas Lecture 2019



Forum Acusticum


Network short course 3

Network short course 4


Event nameVenueTime
N2N kickoff meetingMatelys-Research Lab, Vaulx-en-Velin (greater Lyon), France22 January 2018
ESR recruitments and onboarding completedUniversity of Nottingham and MatelysSeptember-October 2018
General assembly 2IAT, University of Nottingham, UK4 December 2018
Christmas lecture outreach eventUniversity of Nottingham, UK18 December 2018
Network Short Course on `Modelling, the manufacturing and the application of porous sound packages in today's industry'ENTPE, Lyon, France23-24 April 2019
General assembly 3ENTPE, Lyon, France23 April 2019
Mid Term ReviewENTPE, Lyon, France26 April 2019
Networking and outreach at the Paris Airshow 2019 along with IAT (Institute for Aerospace Technology, UoN).Le Bourget Airport, Paris, France17-20 June 2019
Network short course 2University of Nottingham12-13 December 2019
ISMA 2020Online (KU Leuven)7-9 September 2020
Forum AcusticumOnline (INSA, Lyon)7-11 December 2020
Network short course 3Online (University of Nottingham)14-15 January 2021
Network short course 4*Online (Matelys-Research Lab, Vaulx-en-Velin, France)15-16 September 2021