Christmas Lecture 2019

As part of outreach activity, No2Noise along with OptiMACS and INNOVATE ITNs participated in the University of Nottingham Christmas lecture for 400 school students. In the event, we conducted 3 demonstrations to motive the young minds to take up engineering and sciences.

Build and fly your own aeroplane

The students were invited to participate in a ‘Build & Fly your own aeroplane’ game where the students assemble a toy aeroplane from a kit and fly it towards a ‘target’.

The students then were asked to try to land their planes as close to the target as possible.

Some kids came up with innovative designs for the planes! šŸ™‚ Some planes were made with winglets, some with biplanes, double body, triple body, multiple propellers etc. There seems to be no limit to the creativity of the young folks. We were allowed to take pictures of their innovations.

The plane landing closest to the target receives a plane lego set as the prize!

Balloon powered rocket

We demonstrated Newton’s third law using a balloon-powered rocket straw to the students. When the balloon pushes the air through the opening, the balloon is pushed in the opposite direction with the same force.

Feel the lift

We demonstrated the concept of lift, by letting students handle a glider in front of an airstream to feel the lift force while changing the angle of attack. Some students were astonished when they felt the lift through such a simple experiment.

Overall the event was great fun thanks to all the participants and the organizers. The school students did not just learn some interesting things today, but also they taught us how to be creative and innovative! Kudos to them!